Common questions about LeadFeast

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General Questions

  • What is LeadFeast?

    LeadFeast.com is an online platform that aggregates qualified Business Leads from various advanced social listening processes.

  • How do I use LeadFeast.com?

    Once you have the desired characteristics of what you want to listen for, all you have to do is login and receive your leads in real time.

  • What are the LeadFeast.com modules?

    At the current time, these modules are active and functional.

    • Hashtag Leads
    • Follower Leads

    Our future roadmap also calls for the following modules.

    • Cross-Profile Analysis
    • Industry Analysis

Hashtag Sentiment

  • What is Hashtag Sentiment Analysis?

    Hashtag Sentiment Analysis is the art/science of identifying posts on social media containing certain key hashtags which indicate that the user in question is more likely to purchase a particular good or service.

  • Can you give me an example?

    Take the case of a newly engaged couple. Their usage of engaged and/or other similar hashtags in a post on social media show that they have just become engaged. This information is quite valuable to wedding vendors everywhere.

    Studies have shown that Brides-to-be are 94% likely use #hashtag somewhere on social media within 72 hours of actually getting engaged.

Profile Sentiment

  • What is Profile Sentiment Analysis?

    Profile Sentiment Analysis is the art/science of identifying profiles on social media where the profile itself demonstrates a particularly strong persona such that the followers of said profile identify with this persona, and therefore are likely buyers of goods and services that cater to said persona.

  • Can you give me an example?

    Take the case of the Kylie Jenner profile on Instagram (@kyliejenner). She identifies strongly with beauty enhancement products, and so it stands to reason that her followers would be interested in those products as well. Therefore, targeting her followers for similar products makes good e-commerce marketing strategy.

    In actual fact, Kylie Jenner’s followers respond very well to her own social media promotions, to the point where an influencer-type post from her costs brands upwards of $2,000,000 per post!

Future Roadmap

  • What have you got planned for the future?

    LeadFeast.com will continue to design and implement advanced lead generation modules. Up next will be the following;

    • Cross-profile analysis
    • Industry analysis
  • Will LeadFeast have any other functions besides Lead lists?

    LeadFeast.com will eventually feature social posting, including scheduled posting and also automated posting triggers, so that results from the Hashtag and Profiles modules can be reached out to in an automated fashion.