When it comes to digital marketing in general, the best lecturers in the world always look for one simple (and yet complicated) thing…that of the Persona match between buyer and seller. However, there’s so much noise & saturation in social media that it is often difficult to filter out those great leads that can actually be found on social media if you dig deep enough. To find those qualified leads much quicker than manual extraction is something that salespeople & marketers around the world strive to achieve, which was the motivation to produce and launch LeadFeast

LeadFeast is a Social Listening platform with various modules designed to filter leads out of the social media chaos. Using advanced concepts within the subject of Sentiment Analysis, we can determine with a high degree of probability which leads are positive by analyzing various criteria such as Hashtag usage, Followers of a Profile, Cross-Profile Analysis, and more. From there, an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Overlay filters out the false positives even further, with advanced Semantic Keyword techniques.

It’s not often that a new digital tool comes out these days that truly lives up to it’s advance billing. LeadFeast is just that…a tool that your sales & marketing people will feel confident in adding to their workflow, and to rely on for years to come!

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